First Community Bank - Serving the Santa Rosa California Area including Sonoma County

Commercial Mortgages

First Community Bank offers business owners and investors a variety of customizable long-term mortgage financing options, all at very competitive pricing. The Bank will consider financing a wide variety of property types, including but not limited to apartments, office buildings, retail properties, industrial buildings, and, in certain cases, special-purpose properties, including lodging facilities and seniors housing projects. These loans carry amortization schedules of up to 30 years, and maturities of up to 15 years in length. Loans are generally priced on a floating rate basis, and are subject to interest rate and payment changes every one, three, and five years, based upon yields on United States Treasury Securities. Loans may be structured with and without prepayment penalties, and are generally assumable to qualified future buyers. Commercial Mortgage Loans will be considered at loan-to-value ratios of up to 75% of the stabilized value of most properties, and at up to 70% on apartments.